Website PDF resources: not available for download [solved]


Talking about this page.
Both images/pdf’s load perfectly on my computer within the browser environment (windows 10, latest chrome), but downloading the files or sending them straight to the printer, is not working.
The files seem to be protected (only read, no write?).

Can this be fixed so I can hang it on my paincave wall?

May not help you but downloading works fine for me (Win10, Chrome). They’re just pdf’s…

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Thanks for the feedback. I figured it out just now.

Mea culpa… My ‘Ublock Origin’ plugin (content filtering, adblocking) was blocking the shopify domain for some reason. Whitelisted it and all is well now.
Note to self: check and double check before hitting the panic button and creating useless topics :slight_smile:

This can be closed

Your wish is our command :slight_smile: