Wednesday group ride 20:00 CET

I’m too young to be on Facebook, so I’ll try to organize a group ride here. :blush:

The idea would be to pick a pace that works for everybody (in the neighbourhood of 2-3 w/kg), have some fun on the hills, regroup, rinse, repeat. (be logged in already :man_facepalming:)

I can’t say I understand the logic of getting ride promotion with more then 20 sign-ups. The average group size of official rides is consistently 1-2. :joy:

Currently Team Lou is pretty much the only attractive regular option. I hope he gets paid well.

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If you want to more widely publicise events then you can register them on the independent (volunteer-run) does not place any limits on the number of sign ups.

There is also the Facebook RGT User Events group (RGT Users Events | Facebook) but it sounds like you aren’t keen on FB (which is understandably). I would be happy to post it on there for you if you’d like.

Another option is the Discord server but if you feel like you are too old for Facebook the Discord might be a step too far!

There are some other groups rides, some of which tend to be better attended in the northern hemisphere autumn/winter. For example, Samir Dawlatly, who is currently running a Strava-art based series, has arranged other series based on various themes like the UK top 100 hill climbs. The most recent three of those rides had 8, 13 and 8 participants. The next is tomorrow evening. RGTDb

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Thanks. I know RGTDB, I use it to look up rides. Didn’t know you could register rides there. So I signed up, which was a lengthy frustrating procedure, and didn’t find any option to submit events anywhere.

Also realized that I don’t care anymore in the process. This was all pretty anticlimactic, frustrating and tiresome. :man_shrugging:

Oh, that’s a shame. RGTDB is a really useful resource for the community to have but it is supported on an unpaid volunteer basis so there are some clunky bits. If you do change your mind and decide you do care then either I can point you towards the Discord channel where the RGTDB developer provides support or I could pass on your query. I don’t arrange events myself so don’t know.

My bad, I made it sound like I blame RGTDB for all my frustration, when it was just a last straw and final drop. It’s always great to see community projects, but to be honest I’ve become weary of the community providing services that should be facilitated by the commercial entity that it enhances.

That might be down to the history of ZwiftPower. :grimacing:

No worries! I just got a general vibe that the whole experience was a bit of a pain. I agree that there is room for improvement in various areas.

I hope that the Wahoo investment will increase the rate at which improvements are made. I think there are some signs of that happening, for example recently:

  • a server-side update means users can create segments on Magic Roads they create;
  • a website update has enabled event creators to add their own graphics for the event ‘adverts’ (although that might just be in Beta at the moment).
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