West London VR 7.6 results, report, standings and video

Another great West London VR Race on WahooRGT for you to catch up on… Results, report, standings and video. Next Wahoo RGT race Wednesday 5th July at 7.30pm UK Time

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I managed to watch the broadcast late last night and you’d asked what I thought of it. Here goes!

Overall I’ve woke up this morning with a big grin on my face due to how the whole event is put together and the satisfaction I’ve had from being in it. I chose the race because it was under 10 mile and it had parallels with a 10 mile TT course I ride outdoor. I was not aware of the broadcast at the time of signing up but I have to say that just gives the event a huge extra dimension. It was so fun watching the race back, seeing how the race panned out and watching myself. The commentary was superb and I have to thank @West.London for making me feel welcome. It is people like Dave who help make RGT an excellent community. I’m sure it takes a lot of resources to produce a race but this is how an event should be. I will definitely ride more of these although I will miss the next due to being on holiday.

I know I’m not in the greatest of shape. I’ve had multiple illness interruptions from January so I’m maybe about 80% and my expectations were to complete and try and get under 30 minutes. I took your advice at the start and felt that was okay but others were off like a rocket. I wasn’t going to burn all my matches. I managed to get in a group for quite a while but my fatigue set in a little and I lost touch which then left me in no man’s land. I managed to keep going and complete under 30 minutes. I am in no way disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the competitive experience that I haven’t had for a couple of years.

What was brilliant was that I could watch the broadcast and show my friends. It makes you feel part of something special which you don’t get with a just ride!

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Thx for this James, glad you had fun, have a great holiday and look forward to seeing you on another WLVR Race soon.

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