West London VR Race 7.6 Racepack Ready

Racepack Ready for today’s West London VR Race 7.6 on Wahoo RGT at 7.30 pm UK time on Wednesday 31st June… Be there or despair…


ENTER HERE https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=ZWGTVA

Thanks for that. My first official online race in RGT tonight. Go easy on me guys!

Good luck, remember to pedal hard just before the start as they race off the line and you can easily miss a split.
It’s a fairly flat course so I think the leaders will try to up the pace to drop people off the front group.
This is quite normal and sub groups form and have their own sprints at the end. It’s a form of natural selection.
This is a new course and there is a bend just before the finish. However you should be familiar with this from the previous laps, but don’t forget!

Thanks for the advice. I’ll enjoy it whatever happens. As long as the broom wagon doesn’t run me over I’ll be fine😉

We’ll mention you in the broadcast I’m sure!

You got plenty of coverage in the broadcast… Well done and congrats on your first race :blush:

Thank you for organising the race and series. I enjoyed and although I’ve still got a lot too improve on to get back to full fitness It was good fun and I managed to avoid that broom wagon😊 I’ve not watched the broadcast but I’ll try and get that done before the night is out if I can.

For anyone wanting to experience RGT at it’s best please check out this series👍🏼

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