What does post "hard" ride look like

When I get off Violator, which is the worst of my nemeses, I just have to sit in a chair for 20 min and let my body recover. I cant do anything except maybe take some sips of water. It isn’t like Im out of breath. The cooldown phase gets my HR down to 110-120 (max=192). I dont get out of the chair until my HR ~100. Then, the rest of the evening Im lacking the motivation to do much of anything. But, if I finish after 6pm, I cant sleep at 930pm. Even with a good night sleep, the next day I feel fatigued. Not like I rode hard for 3 hrs. Not like I did 1 hr near FTP. Not even heavy legs. Just kinda off. Is this normal?

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Violator is pretty unique in the way that it batters you as it’s all high energy neuromuscular and anaerobic activity. Feeling a different kind of fatigue afterwards is pretty normal I think. It’s also quite vomit inducing for some!

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This is all I see after Violator (although usually more blurry…)


My post ride activities could be mistaken for Couchlandrian interval training.


sometimes its hard too cool off completely. Even after a couple hours have passed I might be sweating whilst performing relatively simple chores


I seem to recover well from high intensity workouts, but the base block I am just finishing is a different animal. For some reason the reduced intensity rides leave me feeling like a zombie the rest of the day.

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