When Obstacles Arise

Today wasn’t the best day.

Today my plans involved completing a ZHCC Sub 2.0 group ride on Zwift for my eSports racing training plan. While I had some recent milestones accomplished, training since then has been hard. I’ve pushed through most of those days but I haven’t felt as strong as I did since 9/13/20. Today, a ton of things didn’t line up to assist me being at my best prior to the event:

  1. Nausea and extra hip pain day before event
  2. Woke up with stabbing right knee pain
  3. Didn’t complete pre ride preparations
  4. Breakfast was minimal at best
  5. Ran errands for 2 hours prior to event in hopes it’d help loosen up my knee

I did all I could to still make this group ride happen but my body couldn’t maintain the effort I wanted and I dropped out of the ride 12 minutes in. I was very unhappy with how all of this turned out, but something happened that’s typically outside of my norm.

I didn’t have negative self talk after I dropped out the race and shut down my computer. I repeatedly told myself that I wasn’t a failure and should be proud that I showed up and tried my best to make it happen. Then I immediately went into what could have been done better with my prep and turned on “Overcoming Obstacles” from the mental strength program.

It helped get my mind back to focusing on why I’m doing all of this in the first place and giving me hope again that I will get to the summit of my Mt Sufferlandria. Next week is my Half Monty test so I’ll be doubling down on Mental Strength and Yoga until then!


I saw this in another group and thought of you. Today was not your day.