Workout Done!

As much as I “enjoy” the Sufferfest and other Wahoo rides, I always look forward to seeing this message.


Me too, because then I can start another one and continue the glorious suffering!

Maybe even crank it up a few percent…

Actually, the last minutes of cooldown is typically excruciatingly boring and at a low power level with low-moderate cadence that causes my KICKR Bike to creak annoyingly about half the pedal strokes (it’s only annoying because I can’t chase it down), so that screen is welcome whether I’m doing another or calling it a day…

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For me, the sign of a hard workout is when the cool down is not easy.



Just did my end of (outdoor) season FF today and was thinking how much I wanted the post AC cool down to end. Just wanted it to STOP!

:sob: :sob: :sob:

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I keep pedaling and don’t relax until after I hit that “Save Workout” button and it registers as having been saved.


Exactly my practice. I get nervous that all that hard work won’t be recorded. Kind of like the saying "if it doesn’t show up on Strava, it never happened.":blush: