Workouts in RGT - Displaying targets for next interval

When doing a SYSTM workout in RGT, is there a setting or workaround to display the power/cadence target for the upcoming interval a few seconds before it starts, like in SYSTM?

RGT displays the average power for the previous interval on screen after the new interval starts, but there is no warning/alert before an interval starts of what the upcoming power/cadence will be, so it takes a little while to see and adjust to the new targets after the interval has already started.

(Previously asked in the giant RGT update thread, but making a new topic just in case anyone has suggestions or workarounds.)


Short answer - there is no such setting in RGT (at least for now).

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This feature definitely needs to be added!


It would be nice and I agree with you (and probably other users).
After some practice (every day use of Systm for several months :rofl: ) I can say that I am able estimate pretty much close that numbers for me. Color bars help a lot.

So I encourage others → use Systm and RGT every day and you will learn a lot of things :upside_down_face: