All things Le Tour 2023

Not breaking news at this point, but the 2023 tour routes were released last week:

But already a change! Les Femmes get a summit finish on Tourmalet!


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All for “hillier” and “harder”. Hard to imagine the riders wanted it “shorter”, though.


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The number and length of the Tour De France: Femmes should be increasing, not staying stable. One good thing: GCN+ will be covering it, again, as much as will be broadcast.


Agreed - for whatever my opinion is worth. Not sure how they come up w. “shorter” though. The 2023 route is still going to be eight stages, covering 956km. If my math is correct, the 2022 route was 919km?

Still, as cool as Tourmalet will be (a @#$% of a queen stage), I would’ve liked them to have the chance for a couple more stages. Why not a solid two weeks of racing with a rest day in the middle?

Oh, and also like the ITT for the final stage (a la best TdF finish ever…1989…). Though I think a TTT would’ve been cooler.