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News, Announcements, and other exciting things!

SYSTM Software

Do you have questions about The Sufferfest app? Reach out here for a helping hand from our amazing community. Have you found a bug that needs attention? This is the place to post about that as well.

SYSTM Content

All things related to the library of content in the SYSTM app.


Do you have a question about physiology, training plans, workouts, etc? This is the place to reach out for help from our knowledgeable community. Our Wahoo Sports Science coaches will stop in now and then as well to share some insights and also answer questions.


This is the place for equipment questions and recommendations.

The Knowledge Podcast

The place for conversations centered around Wahoo’s newest podcast The Knowledge.

Challenges and Achievements

Here’s the place for discussing all things related to SUF Challenges. We have Yoga Challenges, Mental Toughtness Training, as well as that big one… maybe you’ve heard of it… The Tour Of Sufferlandria! Come join the Sufferlandrian fun!

Success Stories

We want to hear your success stories. Of course, we’d enjoy hearing about the differences that The Sufferfest has made for you but please don’t limit the posts here to just that.

The Nine Hammers Tavern - General Chat

Welcome to The Nine Hammers Tavern. This is the place for chit chat with your fellow Sufferlandrians.

Tour of Sufferlandria

You thought that the Nine Hammers Tavern was intense! Welcome to the historical thread for the Tour of Sufferlandria which ran until 2022. In 2023, we welcome The Wahooligan Tour, which takes us beyond Sufferlandria and into all the worlds of Wahoo X.

The Wahooligan Tour

The Wahooligan Tour is a 7-day challenge showcasing the amazing and diverse workouts across Wahoo X. Taking you beyond the borders of Sufferlandria into the world of Wahoo X, this is an event which takes you to new places, testing your mental toughness and physical limits - and all to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation and their quest to help people with Parkinson’s live well today.

RGT Events

Find out more about events happening on RGT.