Cadence on Kickr 2018

I have a Kickr 2018 and it works fine, except the cadence is off from time to time in a workout. I’m not technically inclined, but I don’t see how it measures cadence since I don’t have a cadence sensor attached to the crank. My question is: would it help if I attached a cadence sensor to the crank? If so, do I have to disable the Kickr cadence sensor (and where is the setting)? Thanks very much for any info.

As you’ve surmised, the KICKR doesn’t measure cadence directly. Instead, it analyzes the pattern of your power over time. It assumes that power will be lowest when the pedals are in the 12 o’clock/6 o’clock positions. By measuring the time between low points, it can estimate your cadence.

One implication of that approach is that if you turn the pedals but are spun out (I.e. not applying any force to the cassette through the chain), the KICKR will measure zero cadence. Likewise, if your pedal stroke becomes highly uneven (which sometimes happens during cadence drills), it will not be able to measure cadence accurately.

Hope that helps.

Also, if you add an external cadence sensor, it will usually show about the same measurement, but won’t be subject to the limitations noted above.

If you choose to do that, just add the sensor in the device tab in settings and then click the cadence icon on the new sensor so it turns green. That will cause cadence sensor icon on the KICKR turn gray. SYSTM will show the data feeds from the icons that are green.

I run a crank mounted cadence sensor. The virtual cadence is pretty good but I prefer things to be ‘real’.
All you have to do is connect the cadence sensor as a separate device and click on its icon to make it go green once it appears on the device list. The kickr cadence icon automatically ungreens and you’re good to go!!

Thanks very much AkaPete. That clears it up for me. I learn something new every day. Happy New Year

akaPete, is that Settings tab in the Wahoo app? I would like to use my shoe mount sensor instead of the virtual one as well, the cadence readings almost constantly jumping up 30+ rpm’s is distracting to say the least. I have added the shoe sensor in the Edit Sensors area, can I assume it will automatically override the Kickr cadence readings? (I’m not seeing anything grayed out). Thanks in advance for your help!

@NormAcker The settings should look like the picture below - select the cadence symbol on the sensor and not the trainer:

No. Settings in SYSTM. Click the gear icon in the top right (after you’ve started a workout—I usually pause it while I do this). That will get you to the screen shown in @JSampson’s post. Because you haven’t added the external sensor yet, click the Add Devices button. Pedal for a moment to turn on the sensor and you should see it. Once you’ve added it, follow @JSampson’s instructions.

Also, if you’ve added it to the Wahoo app, make sure the app is fully shut down or it might steal the connection and make it impossible for SYSTM to find it.

Hope that helps.

Thanks very much for the info. Regards, George