Can I use bluetooth headphones now? On no-vids if not on videos?

I remember last year I couldn’t use Bluetooth headphones - it seemed to cause probs with the video. I’ve been plugging in my headphones ever since; would like to go back if I can.

I’ve always used Bluetooth headphones with no problems (on an iPad)


I use a bluetooth speaker with my MAC for the last 3-4 years. No issues at all. Don’t try to use an AirPlay speaker like HomePos cuz the Sufferfest app does not play well.

Sometimes Bluetooth headphones can cause sensor interference. If you have this issue, we recommend not using them.

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I’ve had these issues. I quit using them and that really helped eliminated drop-outs. But finding some kind of alternative wireless headphones that aren’t bluetooth is really hard.

Don‘t want to spam this topic and appear like a fanboy: But, Apple Airpods together with iOS devices or Macbooks work like a charm. They don‘t give a s**t about other bluetooth waves in „their way“ and don‘t seem to distract any of my Wahoo equipment.

I love riding indoors with headphones.

My biggest problem is that earbuds don’t work for me when exercising. And it wasn’t until Apple redesigned their earbuds that I was actually able to use and enjoy earbuds at all. Previously, they just wouldn’t stay in my ears. I have a few other earbuds from various gifts, etc, and they are worthless to me because they pop our or fall out or I can’t get them to even feel comfortable. And then when move around or sweat they don’t stand a chance. A few times I’ve either forgotten and tried to use my wired Apple earbuds and within a minute they are soaked and flying all over the place. I don’t dare buy Airpods because I need the wire as a leash even for casual use. I have bought and returned many, many pairs of headphones hoping to find ones that work for me. Maybe it’s just me, but I have yet to find a pair that really works and sounds good and won’t cause interference. Lately I’ve gone back to using an old pair of Sony wired headphones because they work, they sound good, and they don’t cause bluetooth issues. Anyway… that’s my standard earbud/headphones rant. :grin:

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Yeah, I understand and agree.

I forgot to mention that my ears are probably the most generic ones ever, similar to the dummy used while designing Airpods. :wink: At least that’s how I picture it works…

There‘s always a bit of luck involved when it comes to proper fit.

Anyway, I‘m getting Off-Topic.

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I use BT headphones on every workout I do…

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I am a bit of an audiophile… There are always earphones that fit people. They can come at a price. I have a pair of Shure SE530 earphones with custom mould earpieces. Custom moulded earpieces would definitely fit you :wink: don’t come cheap, mind!

That said, I don’t wear them for SUF workouts!

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I have a 2019 macbook pro that I use SUF on. If I use my (non-apple) BT headphones (or speaker), the bluetooth from my trainer (Keiser m3i via convertor) cuts out.


  1. Don’t use headphones, works fine through macbook speakers
  2. Use an Ipad or Android (when supported) device - works fine
  3. Use cabled heaphones - works fine

Seriously, I had the same issue with zwift, SUF, anything that required multiple bluetooth streams sent to the bt driver on the macbook pro just failed. It kind of really sucks that bluetooth works fine on a cheaper, inferior iPad or android device (zwift was fine on android, but not the macbook, and obviosuly couldn’t test SUF on android (yet))…

Apple really ought get their )@(#* together in the the bluetooth dept.

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I sometime use my Powerbeats (best headphones I’ve ever had by miles and miles). If I connect my trainer via BT and try to use the headphones at the same time, I get connection issues. If I connect the trainer via ANT+ then no issues at all.

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I bought an ant+ dongle specifically so I could use my headphones without getting dropouts. But, unfortunately, the ant+ dongle and SUF had constant drop-outs on my windows 10 pc even when no bluetooth devices were connected. lol. I’m returning it to try a different brand.

I then used the ant+ dongle on Zwift and at first it seemed to have no dropouts at all and I was about to be very mad at SUF, but then I noticed that Zwift handles drop-outs differently than SUF does, so they were just harder to see. But they were still there.

Hopefully my next dongle works better. My first one was a generic dongle. Now I’m going to try a name brand dongle. We’ll see if that works any better. :grimacing:

I’ve tried my bluetooth headphones on multiple windows 10 pc’s and on my iphone. They all seem to cause dropouts of some sort.

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I use BT earbuds all the time. Just get the workout started first (any BT devices) then pair the earbuds/headphones.

I had problems too. The videos would crash so had to stop.
I’ve been back using them for a week or so now and the problem appears to be resolved.

I use the Teufel Move Bluetooth headphones with SUF running on an IPad.
Additionally, my Wahoo Cadence, Polar H9, and the Wahoo kickr are connected. This configuration works really well.

Has anyone tried the Sony WF1000 xm3 ear buds with sufferfest and Bluetooth? I was just about to buy a pair but wasn’t aware of the Bluetooth connections problems

Thanks @bigfod ! That is what I was looking for - I use ANT+ for the PC but bluetooth in parallel to listen to music from my iphone, and it wasn’t working well. Cool to hear if other people aren’t having issues but I’m not going to go buy a MacBook pro or whatever to save on corded earbuds. I’ll give my bluetooth earbuds another try then! Thanks!

Thx for the tip - may try it this way as well. To be clear, I use the earbuds to listen to music on my phone; I turn down the audio on the Sufferfest vids typically.

I had problems with that and went back to corded earbuds last year; then had no problems. As far as Zwift vs. SF connection - my trainer is in my garage and the Wifi connection there seems weak. Since I can download SF vids ahead of time, the weak wifi has never been and issue with SF. However, I tried Zwift and it was very, very laggy; I didn’t really like the experience.