Check your saddle to improve your FTP

A clickbait title but I’m sure I’m not in the wrong!

I knew for a very long time my saddle was not optimal, I compensated with thicker/endurance bib shorts.
I finally took measures and bought a saddle more fitted to me (after 1500km on SUF)

It changes so much things when your sit bones are well sited on the saddle:

  • you really feel the difference when your perineum is not pressured
  • because the connection with the saddle is stiffer, you are immediately able to put more power in the pedals
  • it’s easier to keep a straight back -> more power
  • it’s easier to control bouncing at high cadence -> more power

In my saddle search, I had bike shop vendors recommending me a saddle size equals to my sit bones spacing size, but I followed the Fizik recommendations (they have a saddle chooser) and took a larger size than my sit bones (a 150mm saddle for a 140mm sit bones spacing) and I think it’s the way to go, it works for me.


Fully agree. Until I had a bikefit w/sitbone measurements a few years ago, I had real trouble finding a saddle that was comfortable over time. Turned out I needed 155 mm width, and the widest I had tried up until then was 143 mm.

Whether it affected my FTP I don’t know, nevertheless, my experience is that you cannot perform 100% if sitting uncomfortably.

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100% agree. As with @Magnito, I had a saddle that was far too narrow until I had a professional bike fit done at my LBS. I also had needed a 155mm saddle.
It truly enhanced my comfortability and endurance on the bike.
When I did my Knighthood I actually made a life saving last minute change. Typically I have my road bike (Trek Domane) hooked up to the Kickr. Which is does not fit nearly as well as the gravel bike I had built (Giant Revolt) to my exact dimensions. This was a life saver for the 10.5hrs I spent in the saddle that day… :cold_sweat:

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