From the Coaches: Strength Training For Endurance Sports

I think that makes sense. That is what I do. I then add the # details to workout notes. So for squats I might go heavier but I stay with the water bottle weight for the one leg balance exercises. I just go by feel and try to make changes slowly.


Hi @DameJo. My 2 sports are lifting and cycling. Firstly, while you may have stopped for a period the base strength you have from a variety of classes mean you have 1. good foundation and 2. understanding of weight and what your body can do. I know you said you relied on the professionals but for sure you will have built up good understanding in this time (trust yourself).

In terms of overload, damage and assessing yourself I would recommend: Once you can maintain good form throughout the movement for the assigned rep range you are in a good place. You can then progressively increase the weight as you get stronger. With incremental changes in weight and good form you should not worry about damaging yourself. Best of luck


I have recently gone from 8 lb dumbbells to 10 lbs for most exercises, but there are still a few I use 5 lbs for - the hip tip one and the wave hand one in side plank. My upper back is not strong enough to handle anything more than that, although I hope to get there soon. We do what we can, right?


I am planning to add strength training to my workouts this fall/winter and am revisiting a book called “Off Season Training” by Ed Burke PhD. It’s an older title that I’ve had for a long time and some of the info isn’t relevant, but it does walk through setting up a periodized strength plan starting in the fall with light weights, higher reps, then moving to building strength and power as you get deeper into the winter. It’s a good book for beginners and experienced weight-lifters alike.

I feel like the science behind adding strength training is solid and I’m looking forward to getting back into it. Found a bench/squat rack on FB Marketplace and am getting my pain cave re-organized in preparation for a different kind of suffering!