GoPro App Editor

Spent 4 hours in the woods yesterday… little video I put together using the GoPro editor… first I’ve tried using it. Turn the volume up! LOL


Nice @John_S. Which GoPro are you using in your chest mount. Nice stabilisation! Are you using superwide?

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Actually this was shot with a GoPro Fusion 360 camera mounted on my handlebars. Then used the GoPro app the do the “overcapture”

I basically found while 360 video sounds cool it’s kind of a big pain… so I picked up a GoPro Hero 8 and a chest mount. Also moved the handlebar mount to the seat post. Shot a few new videos last weekend. I start a new thread :grin:


Nice! Glacial Hills is one of my all time favorites in our State! Can’t wait for this Winter to Fattie it!


I actually spent a lot of time at Cadillac Pathway this winter! Maybe not as fun as glacial but closer. :grin:

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Right on! That’s another all time classic and favorite! I know they are doing a lot to make Cadillac Pathway more of a winter destination for Fat Bikes. Great times, smiling faces!


Looks like a lot fun. I miss my broken rusted mountain bike :pensive: I also miss GoPro studio, you could do so much with that software that you just can’t do with GoPro mobile app… not yet hopefully. Apparently GoPro want to go mobile, I can see their reasons I guess.

Shots off the back of the bike cool and capture some of the best things. Tried it out on the road a couple of weeks ago and captured the moment I was passed by dozens of Outlaw motorcyclists! The slip stream was awesome!

You can add your speed, gradient profile, a mini map and even g-force on the app though if you’ve got gps settings on which is pretty cool!


I used to take a lot of time and effort editing videos… now I just select some clips and let the GoPro mobile app put them together! Actually makes some fun little videos. :grin:

Also I picked up a Hero 8. It is pretty amazing!

So here is Glacial Hills with the Hero 8

And for this I had the hypersmooth boost on