GvA snark poll

Is there any SUFF workout with more GvA snark than The Shovel? Honestly the snark to cheer ratio is like 10-1 in that ride!

What SUFF ride is loaded with the most and best GvA snark?

  • The Shovel
  • Definitely The Shovel
  • I know it’s the shovel but I’m going to choose another workout to show the depth of my Sufferfest knowledge
  • Other

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:joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Half is Easy

Less than 1/2 the time for GvA to berate you vs The Shovel, but I’ll allow it. :wink:

Similar intervals of short, hard efforts, though. Beginning to see some method to GvA’s madness.

Maybe need to relook Vice Grips, Revolver, and Do As You’re Told.

You could always just do it twice!

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