Knighthood attempt 6th November

Evening all.

Planning an assault on the castle on 6th Nov, the day before my 40th.

The current route looks as per the photo.

I’ve gone for GOAT ar the dreaded 7th as Mike Cotty’s videos always motivate me.
Attacker is none negotiable at 10 as it’s my favourite, the finish with my favourite rider and awesome soundtrack will hopefully keep me motivated to keep the pedals turning through the last few.
Others have been picked because I mostly like them, AVDP was always my favourite until attacker was released. Nine Hammers is hellish, but surely the point is to suffer :wink:
I’m not sure about Angels & Who Dares, may swap them, but not sure what with.
Any advice from you guys really appreciated.

I’ll be suffering to raise some cash for Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team and PENISTONE ASYLUM SEEKER & REFUGEE SUPPORT GROUP.

I guess this counts as an official announcement. Bugger. Best start training :hot_face:


Wow going in at 80% if I am reading that right. I got through the first half at 70% and died off slowly from there. Ended up doing the last effort at 50% and crawled off the bike.

Good luck, let us know how you go.

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Congratulations on starting things rolling @KeithWakeley. A good Suffer filled menu!

We all do it differently - and a search through these forums and the FB group will give you loads - but herewith some thoughts:

  1. Team Scream is a monster on its own - after Butter and before AVDP!!! Something like The Trick there may give you the type of recovery you need before AVDP.
  2. Defender followed by Attacker. Both great workouts but quite similar (i.e. extra suffering). I’d be inclined to split them up by putting Defender earlier on the menu.

Talking about menu …. Pork pies, Energy gels and Big Macs. I’m not sure if you’re talking about just these 3 things for fuelling or how many you will have lost by the end of the Quest :sweat_smile:- so apologies if I’m over reaching here - but taste fatigue sets in quite early - mix of sweet and savoury and real food along with energy gels/ bars etc is used by many. As an example I used bananas/ home-made energy bars (one flavour), bought energy bars (4 flavours), home-made banana bread, energy gels (possibly 4 in total), jelly “tots” (great for when you don’t feel like eating - 5 = 20g carbs), sea salt crisps, two toasted cheese sandwiches and my beautiful wife even brought me an espresso as I started #10 - G.O.A.T. Plus carbs along with elecs in my drinks bottles. “Eat to Suffer” gives you great guidance. And the longer days in the Prep plan allow you to practice your fuelling.

Good Luck! And if not done so already take some time to go through this Knighthood Quests. Superb input from so many.


Hi @KeithWakeley
That is a great menu for some epic suffering you prepared there. Very worth a Knighthood especially for a day before the 40th b’day.
One only thing I would recommend from what you wrote about your menu: if Attacker is your favorite, then I would recommend against putting it in the last spot and instead put it in the penultimate spot. The reason for the suggestion is that I did not find it hard to motivate me for the one last workout once I made it through number 9. However, there is no need to put your most hated workout in the last spot as I did. :rofl:

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Hi Craig,
Cheers for the notre about Team Scream, yeah may need to rethink tha one. It’s been a while since I’ve done it , so perhaps my memory is a little faded as so how much fun it is.
I really enjoyed the Defender/Attacker double act at the end of the ToS this year so wanted to save that for the end, I’ll probably regret that decision!

I still need to sort out the feeding plan. The menu is definately NOT going to be Pork Pies & Big Macs! I’ve hopefully got a couple of the guys off the rescue team going to ride a stage or two with me, so added thise columns in as a bit of a piss take out of a few of them to be honest. Tough I do like a nice pork pie :wink:
I’ll definately check out eat to suffer, I’d forgotten about that so cheers for the reminder.

@JamesJordan I’ve just used 80% as a starting point to try to work out the calories to be honest. Realistically I think it’ll be nearer 70% and then whatever it takes to cling on to the end!

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FWIW I did mine on 70% start to finish. Not a bad percentage to try.

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Relatable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: