Going for Knighthood

So now it’s my turn to throw the hat in the ring (or maybe more correctly the chammy at the gates)
Friday Feb 4th at my local LBS (also the Wahoo dealer) I will attempt the knighthood.
Will do the following schedule:
#1 Cobbler
#2 Power station
#3 Butter
#4 Attacker
#5 Defender
#6 G.O.A.T.
#7 Hell hath no fury
#9 Who dares
#10 A very dark place


Rough course. Is ADVP your favorite ride? if not it may end up stopping your attempt. The goal is to have your favorites towards the end with the ride you love at the end…

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Well maybe not my fav, but my favorite type of workout, and didn’t feel like going with Cobbler to finish things off.
But huge thanks for the input :wave::orange_heart:

Also, you have a rather LONG ride at #8, at almost two hours. You might want to swap in Thin Air if you are looking for that type of ride at that location.

Looks glorious! AVDP looks painful, but doable.

ISLAGIATT may be tough at #8. Maybe swap it with Attacker. But otherwise, it looks fantasgreat. You’ll definitely feel legendary when you’re done!

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Two cents…deliciously painful menu. Just a thought, swap # 6 with # 10 and it’s perfect! Enjoy, and we shall see you at the gates

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I am in no way qualified to opine on knighthood attempts, but the last effort of AVDP is a superb effort to finish on.


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Oof. I’m against GOAT as #10. But that’s just my personal bias. I’d suggest Cobbler at #10, but I know (from personal experience) just how hard a sweet spot workout with long intervals can be as the last video.

I’m also biased towards recommending Violator for #10. But AVDP is a pretty good alternative. Violator may or may not be at #12 on my list for this year. :wink: