🚀 Newest Knowledge Episode - A Brief History of Women's Bike Racing 🚀

Ok all caught up! This ep was an eye-opener for sure. We laughed, We cried, and Dr. Jinger got angry. You don’t want Dr. J angry, trust me! Enjoy

Listen here: The Knowledge Podcast

It’s been a long, curious road to the start of this year’s Women’s Tour de France. On the eve of the women’s Tour de France, Neal, and Jinger take a look at the history of women’s cycling, the myths which kept women from competition, the struggle for equality, and, finally, why they’re so excited about the future of the sport.


Did this include pre-ASO on the Tour de France? It’s quite eye opening to what has happened to cycling in general and women’s cycling in particular when the UCI and ASO took over (think the Gentlemen’s club down the street took over the neighborhood block party). It’s absolutely disgusting what happened. Kudos to the four Women who had the guts to take them on. Always upwards (BTW, there is talk of major networks grapping all three of the major events next year and broadcasting wheel to wheel on them not just a couple of hours or the last 40 km).


Just wanted to add that one of the networks appears to have grabbed the Tour De France/Avec Swift! In North America.

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