Running With the Wolves - I am Confused

Had The new Inspiration video Running With the Wolves on my plan for today.

At about 7 minutes in I turned off the audio and fired up Spotify then quit after 1/2 an hour. I was completely lost - no context at the beginning - who are these guys? What is the story? Is this intended to be a peek of what goes on behind the scenes at at pro road race? What makes this inspiring to someone who doesn’t follow road cycling?


Glad i’m not only one

I needed the steady state stats of the 1 hr workout and cannot change to other movie without getting of the bike … so I suffered through the video.

Rather do nine hammers, then shovel, then very dark place at 110% before watching this again

It is probably to make you suffer mentally instead of physically :laughing:

Haven’t seen that one, but did Crescendo yesterday and found it quite random. But I do follow pro cycling, so it was ok, but I can totally understand if the video may create a bunch of pedaling question marks.

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Getting hit with hammers and shovels while visiting all the dark places is always a very good idea!


Well based on this (from the group on The Sufferlandria FB page), I won’t be doing this workout again. Horrible.

I have done this workout today. Actually the audio volume is terrible, I can barely hear something with my training system running. I was even cycling at low power (170w) but impossible to understand a word!!

Sorry to hear you guys didn’t enjoy that film. If you don’t follow Pro Racing, then it won’t make much sense or be very interesting I think. Perhaps take a look at some of the others that are more adventure-based like I Just Want to Ride, Across the Mountains, Frozen Road. Kayabike and Rising from the Ashes are also two fantastic stories.


We’re going to get captions made for this film – as well as for several others – where the spoken audio is hard to hear when riding.


Fair play - i think the engagement like this from the people behind the scenes at sufferfest is pretty great, for both positive and negative feedback like this.

For what it’s worth, i did this session last week and enjoyed both it and the video. I’ve been hoping for more z2 focused work anyway, and i suppose it’s difficult to make it much more interesting when there’s so small variations.


I do follow pro cycling but I also thought this video was quite random and boring. A narrative voice providing some context to the footage would help I think, but of course this is a matter of taste.

But I really enjoyed some of the other inspiration videos (especially Half the Road), so I will just try all of them and I will like some better than others, that’s fine. Really appreciate this new category and hope you keep adding new videos to it!


Noticed there were some captions for Crescendo, however they were hidden behind the workout data. Any tricks to prevent captions being hidden?

Thank you @David.McQuillen.KoS for listening to us.

Being focused on MTB XC, it seems like road usually over shadows everything.

Of course, being focused on a non-road cycling discipline feels a rebellious too.

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That’s a good call out - there are other workouts where the player cover things up too!

Some videos have captions or titles baked into the bottom of the screen. To see those, you can turn off the various metrics in the ‘display’ settings.

Ok, I will play around with my settings to find the best option then, thanks.

Could it be an idea to enable a transparency adjustment of the metrics so you could read both captions and metrics? Just a thought that crossed my mind, it is not necessarily a good idea but could perhaps be tested?

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Would it be possible to add a toggle in the settings that moves the metrics to the top of the screen?


I did this workout today and it was really boring especially because I did “Chasing Legends” a few days ago and this Video/Story/Music was a BLAST!

Late to the line here, but I rode RwW today first time and absolutely loved it. Granted a (long ago) former racer, but great behind the scenes - of the TdF no less - and a solid way to crank for an hour. I could watch race. video. all. day.



Different tastes…all I’m saying.