Love the new video sessions

…like “Chasing Legends”. Really loving this option.
I did this one last night with some tired legs and it was exactly what I needed. And great entertainment.


Agree…find them very good on tired leg days. Also did Chasing Legends on a Sunday and found it outstanding…


but oh dear…I did Crescendo tonight. Bored to death…
I’d do it again for a recovery session, definitely NOT endurance, and the video…just watch a movie or something. This is bad.

Just did Across The Mountains. Amazing rides by Mike Cotty. I’ve never seen him suffering like he was on the Stelvio!

Thanks guys! Glad you are enjoying the new type of videos. Not every film is for everyone — one like Crescendo are defo for the hardcore pro cycling fans - but there are bound to be a few In There that you love.

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I am also really enjoying the Inspiration videos - my favourite so far is Rising from Ashes, it is really inspiring. Is there any way to make the volume on them louder? I have the volume at max (on my iPad) but I have a fan blasting in my face and I find it quite hard to hear speech on the films.

Totally agree, the stuff I watched so far is amazing. I’ve never been into cycling too much, just recently started to focus on it more seriously as part of my transition to triathlon after 20 years as a mere runner.
But watching these videos is SO INSPIRING! If it wasn’t for my 1 year old little girl I had booked this trip to the Alpes already. And I’m not even talking only about the panorama and the epic climbs themselves. Of course, they - and the associated suffering - are what it’s all about. But just watching Cotty getting his breakfast in this hotel, sitting down at this tiny table, looking at the profile of that day’s tour on his laptop…looking ahead at hours of suffering in this majestic scenery… if somebody asked what the meaning of freedom is for me, I’d show them this!
My girl will grow up, and you guys at SUF and people like Cotty might well have contributed to two new passionate riders on this planet! Say hello and thank you when you next talk to him!


Hello all, I want to add my thanks for the Inspiration videos. They made a huge difference in getting me back into the Sufferfest and an exercise routine in general!
I did the 2020 ToS for the first time ever and then, covid and all its stresses took me right out of cycling except for a few trail rides through the summer. I kept wishing I had the energy and motivation to do a Sufferfest workout but I did not have it in me to do the full workouts. I settled for long backcountry hikes and basically any type of exercise I felt reduced the pressure on me to perform. Grunter’s workouts are…intense as they should be! But it was too much for me.

So the inspiration videos are a godsend! Until I can work myself back up into proper shape, and wrangle my life into a kinder schedule, iower key inspiration vids it is. I love that I’m able to go flat out xc skiing but have these lovely inspirational recovery rides available at home to keep me cycling despite the Canadian winter.
It hasn’t taken more than a month and I’m already considering doing the 2021 ToS…even though I signed my 2020 poster with the words NEVER AGAIN to make sure I wouldn’t do it…

The Inspiration videos really round out the Sufferfest app for me. I honestly felt it was lacking variety in recovery rides almost since joining (only about a year ago). Hats off to the team who added them.

Sorry for the long post - it’s my first post and I’m rambling! See you all on Mt. Sufferlandria. I’ll be the one walking up.

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