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It’s been a few weeks now with the COROS PACE 3, and in the COROS ecosystem. I’m happy with the move. My previous comments continue to ring true about the weight and such.

One of the primary reasons for switching was for running, specifically on Garmin during structured workouts it drove me bananas when out of zone (blanking out the screen of data for a few seconds). I was away for a work trip last week and ran using the PACE 3 outside. It worked exactly how I wanted and wasn’t annoying at all. Gave me nudges when out of zone, but otherwise kept all the data and metrics on screen. I didn’t fight it at all and the resulting activity data was good. I’m quite happy.

I also switched away from chest strap to the COROS HRM and have encountered zero issues. Slap it on my arm and tada.


@TJ.Anderson Is it just me noticing now, or did Suunto recently-ish improve the app so that activity details are more useful? ie: you can graph heart rate+power on them now, and laps have a “Manual” option for the laps embedded in the activity file.

@jcolp As far as I’m aware the app has been that way since I came back to Suunto a couple months ago but wasn’t like that before I left Suunto a couple years ago. Overall I really like the post workout analysis in the Suunto app.

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I’m currently about a month into a Suunto+Wahoo relationship, so far unlike all other relationships containing three parties, it appears to be working out for all!

As most I have let the Rival fall off my wrist and after a year or so with Garmin I wanted a break from the constant nagging about how I should feel so started looking around.
The Race won, purely just down to it being cheaper that the Forerunner 955 it replaced but it also a massive step up in quality.

Data wise I am a huge TrainingPeaks user so the native integration sits well with me. Using an iOS app called RunGap you can send workouts into the Suunto platform so all my Elemnt recorded cycling gets pushed into the app. It does not pick up the intensity zones of these but load and TSS is available to be edited. Of note, I have also been pushing workouts into Corus Training Hub too. It works great with my Stryd and daily health stuff looks to be pretty good.