Wahoo Rival + App

Hi All,
I’m facing a lot of issues with my Wahoo rival in combination with the app.

  • the app doesn’t show the step count and calories correctly. There is a bug in the histogram UI control that’s not showing the green part of the bars anymore until you do not scroll to the left.

  • The activity history is completely wrong with periods and weeks intervals

  • My Rival counts a lot of steps even when I ride my bike. At least intersect ride data with steps count and remove the steps counted during the rides please.

  • Rival sometimes decides to not ring the alarm. For this I’m not able to provide anything to reproduce it 100%. I suspect it’s a combination of alarm on the phone and on the watch. Set an alarm on the phone that will ring playing a Spotify song, set an alarm on the phone for the same time. I suspect there is a conflict between the music control and the alarm on the watch.

Many thanks in advance,

At least the app shows you some bars :wink: In my case there is no histogram at all. The statistics tab is buggy and I don’t care about it any more.

As my Rival also counts steps while cycling, I have disabled step tracking.

Activity history: Same with me. Previous records are shown 1 week in the future.

I have already submitted tickets to the support 3 month ago, but still no fix.

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Many thanks for your feedback. Where did you submit the ticket? I could maybe back it so it gets more priority :grinning:

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Considering that last fW update for rival was on dec. 14th, we can honestly wonder how this product line will live. I see lots of SM posts from wahoo around Rival, but the lack of love shown to it does bring lots of confidence. Mine never worked correctly with Stryd ( o pace/distance from it, just W values, no dynamics…and f***ed up other sensors connectivity). Ticket opened some time like 1,5 year ago. No fix.
Still…I’m using it almost daily despite owning other watch(es). Some things can be made to make it a really good watch (why systm WO won’t sync to it like for Elemnt Bike computers? Idem for run WO?)


@Pouto Same for me - it works well for what I need. Hopefully we will see some additions to the features on the watch and in the app in the future.

Rival seems to have reached its end-of-life; no updates since December 2022 and huge discounts

If it’s really the end of life it means they will have to abandon the watches segment. As a customer I would never ever buy a new Wahoo watch considering that the previous version never worked correctly.
I still hope the longer release cycle for the update is due to the fact they’re doing a serious refactoring of their code :slight_smile:

Wahoo is cutting its losses to stay afloat. Wasting it on a flawed watch that is buggy, incomplete in features, and never sold well doesn’t make sense. I say that having wasted money on a Rival.

Having some other issues with my RIVAL as well. Multisport mode still does not seem to work well. Editing Multisport activities is still buggy (or actually not working at all it seems). Today I found out the automatic lap functionality while running (I have set it to show the lap time every 1km) is somehow deactivated when I simply enter and exit a random Multisport activity in the ELEMNT Training Profile. I hope Wahoo comes up with a proper FW release soon. Otherwise I will go back to Polar. Shame, I got the RIVAL for my birthday.