Written note if a workout has music (and/or video)

It would be useful to see in the written description of a workout something like:

Music: No
Video: Yes

I know the NoVids make that part clear, but the sometimes there’s music and sometimes not, and I don’t realise until I’m alright on the trainer and ready to get going, and then I need to cue something up. It would be good to be able to check and prepare ahead of time.

Absolutely! I have been meaning to request this so very glad I can just add a vote lol. Drives me crazy when I fire up a video and have to pause 30 seconds in to start my own playlist. It’s the little things, sometimes…


x3 on this.

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I’d love to see a list of music tracks in the video description. Sometimes I’ll be riding and think, “Hey, I really like this,” but the track listing’s already gone by then.

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You can just fire up the video again, fast forward to the right spot and then find out what the name of the track is that way. Then just “delete workout” when you’re done.

@AlexEllermann Here is a link to the song list for many of the videos:

Sufferfest Song List


This is just what I wanted. Thanks!