2022 Kickr 5 Stickers Coming Off 'Crank It Up'

I have a Kickr 5 brought new in May 2022 :slight_smile:
I recently noticed that the ‘Crank It Up’ stickers have come off :frowning: .

I know my FTP won’t suffer directly as a consequence of this :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, but I wondered if many users have experienced the same issue? I’m not a big power rider and only use the Kickr 4 to 8 times a month (I mainly ride outside).
The drum certainly doesn’t come into contact with anything, so they haven’t ‘rubbed’ off.

I’ve raised a support ticket ‘just in case’ this points to any excessive heat being generated, rather than the sticker glue simply not being up to the job :wink:

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Too much power!!!


:joy::joy::joy: - I wish!!
If they mounted it horizontally I wonder if you could cook your breakfast on it :wink: :fried_egg:

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