Kickr Climb update

So after seven months my Kickr Climb died. Stopped working with either the remote or the app this week. For a couple of days if I had just my bike attached (no me), I could get it to declínate, but not elevate beyond about 6% before it started making popping noises. Now it’s mostly non-responsive.

Research after the fact suggested there are known issues with the belt failing and drive mechanism problems.

I’m very annoyed/frustrated/disappointed, especially as much as I’ve enjoyed it since I got it last October, and now I have a 7 month old, $700 paperweight.

On the plus side, it’s only 7 mos old, and I have faith that the Minions will take care of me. Put in the trouble ticket today, will keep everyone posted.

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I’m sure they’ll get you sorted.

Thought I’d update everyone. Sent a trouble ticket to the minions w warranty info. They replaced it ASAP, had a new one within a week. Much appreciated!

I will say that I think my first one was ca. 2019-20, and this one appears to be latest model. The motor sounds different and louder when it changes gradient, but also beefier. So I think something has changed.