Age-specific training plans

I’m turning 63 and have asked this question a few different ways here. Fairly new to Sufferfest and structured training. Would love to see more content from the coaches on this subject. I’m finding that I need more recovery time than the training plan has built in. May need to switch to Friel’s 9 day week approach.


@langedp if you haven’t already, it’s worth reading or listening to the book. Lots of information in there for the older athlete.

Fast after 50? Got it. That’s why I asked a previous question about recovery time. In that book, Joe recommends no more than 2 HIIT sessions per week for the 60+ cyclist. Just need more recovery time at our age. Been doing HRV recently as well to try and measure this.


Recovery and adaptation is, no doubt, paramount to all athletes. For folks 50 and over, most should be on a 2on/1off program.
The key is dosing of the right high intensity workouts based on your what your weakness and then getting proper recovery to adapt. If you do 70% of a plan while getting in key high intensity workouts, you’ll be successful. If you need more recovery, take it. I would, of course, suggest a customized plan, especially if you are on your own strength plan. By the way, I’m 61 and care deeply about age related issues and how to maximize health and fitness.


I’ve been thinking this for a while, especially as my racing is so unusual (very short, intense MTB racing, usually under 10 minutes). Add in my own strength plan and age and it makes sense. Age isn’t such a big thing right now but I’d like to get ahead of the curve as it’s only a matter of time! I’d better look up the details I guess :slight_smile:

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Thanks for chiming in here coach. Do you agree with Friel’s stance about no more than 2 HIIT sessions per week or can us 60+ folks go harder than that? I know it varies by individual but in general? I just took a few more days recovery in my 12 week plan and felt much better after todays session. Just need to figure out how to construct the rest of the plan now!


Hey @langedp,
I think two hard workouts/week in general for folks 60+ is good advice. You may be able to do three once or twice in a 12 week plan coming off a recovery week.You just have to look at the density of the intensity. All high intensity workouts are not created equal…so choosing the right type of workout is very important. The SUF plans do that automatically and in the right dose, so all you need to do is monitor how recovery is going.


Thanks coach. I’m now monitoring how recovery is going with HRV. I’ll also be doing Half Monty soon and will see if my numbers are set right as well.


I’m still working on that :rofl:

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So here’s where my understanding goes off the rails. I’m 68 so looking at doing 2 hard w/o per week. Just threw a demo Novice All Purpose Road plan up to see what it looks like. I’m assuming this is a 2 on 1 off setup

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Correct…with an occasional 3rd hard workout