Another Trainer Question

Can anybody tell I’m bored on recovery week lol
I would like to use the big ring more on sprints and high cadence etc, on my Elite Suito. But as soon as I’m on it power is too high when matching the correct cadence. I’ve tried persevering to see if it settles down but no joy.
Am I missing something?

Hi there, are you sure you’re on erg mode? and not on simulation mode or other? also, have you calibrated it? I don’t have an elite but apparently, from time to time a calibration is due! DCrainmaker has a good review on it and also some good tips on the “app compatibility” section.

If I had a pound for every DC review I have read ! Lol.
Deffo on erg and calibrated once a week

I know! the section I was referring to is the trainerroad part, they recommend to stay on smaller chainring!
However I have a Neo, and e.g when I need to ride above 250W I find it to have more “realistic” feeling if I put the big ring on, also for low cadence High Power targets. I have tried as many say to stay only on small ring in front and let erg do the magic, but the feel is not the best for me, but maybe it’s that i changed from a wheel on trainer to the Neo and there gear changing was a must!
just an idea, are you connected over BT or ANT+? have you tried switching the connection mode? I mention this since i used ANT+ in the past with my Neo, but at some point there was a latency, i tried with BT and suddenly i have less latency…
As for your issue i really wouldn’t know what could be the issue sorry! Hope you find a solution

What level of power are you targeting? If it is a relatively low power target at high cadence then your trainer might not be able to reduce resistance enough in the big ring to get down to the target level.

I do find that my trainer (Elite Direto X) is slower to react to sudden power target changes in the big ring, but has a much better road feel with the higher flywheel speed. On sprints it Initially tends to overshoot the target power and then settles down on target after a few oscillations. It performs more precisely in the small ring but feels more choppy with less flywheel inertia. So overall I prefer using the big ring in ERG but I haven’t had your problem of being persistently over target power.

Hello Peteski.
Thanks for replying. It seems after doing some more online research there might be a resistance flloor, which correlates with your target level suggestion. I have boring old Endurance Plus today but will up the FTP at times then change to big ring and see what happens.

Yeah that sounds like the most likely issue. It would be easy enough to test with the Elite App in ERG mode. Just put it in the big ring, pedal at your desired cadence and keep reducing the power target until it can no longer match.

Thanks for all who replied.
Seems like the resistance floor for the big ring is approx 120w, so problem solved.