Anyone followed Sir Mike's wheel?

I rode Les Baronnies with Sir Mike yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Les Baronnies looks like a fantastic region for cycling, like many of the roads Sir Mike has shared with us.

Have you been so inspired by Sir Mike, that you have sought out and road the same roads, following his wheel? If so, how was the experience, and did you dare sit down?


There is at least one Sufferlandrian who has ridden with him irl. I’m thinking it was Sir @Pascal_Pepin, but I may be wrong.


Sir Glenn is correct.

I did have the priviledge to ride with Sir Cotty in 2018 with another Sufferlandrian, Matt Green.

Went on his ‘Discover the mountains’ tour in the french Pyrénées.

Tour was a blast. Really felt welcome, our peloton was fun and interesting, top notch organisation and Mike was friendly lile we grew up together. I was the slowest ( ex bodybuilder / offensive lineman, i found out in the Pyrénées that gravity loves me… a lot )

I wanted to be immersed in the Col Collective landscapes and i did. I still have to pinch myself to believe that i did the Pyrénées. It was overwhelming.

Once in a lifetime experience.


Sir Pascal


I have not ridden with him (in person), though I did meet him (in person) atop the Col d’Aubisque in 2018. He was sitting at the cafe with some clients. In the photo of the fluffy foal getting tail swatted by mom, we are all standing next to the Col Collective blue van.


Back at SUFCamp in 2016, Coach @Coach.Neal.H set me up against @michael.cotty in a track pursuit. I think he caught me after two laps.


Looking pretty buff @David.McQuillen.KoS next to our revered Sir Mike. No wonder he can charge up those mountains all the while providing entertaining narration effortlessly!! My friend was a Mavic rep years ago and spent a few days with @micheal.cotty and he confirms what a special individual he is. Maybe some day I will visit the goats with him in person!!


Haha. Love it!!

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He probably wasn’t sitting down either :four_leaf_clover: