A Week With

Finished the current series of “A Week With”, and enjoyed each one, while learning some things from each one!
I think it would be great if the " A Week With" series can expand, and an awesome addition would be: A Week With Sir Mike @michael.cotty
Sir Mike’s “On Location” Series are incredible, and it would be awesome to see (and ride) what he came up with under a “Week With” format.


I’m a big Cotty fanboy. I’d love to see a “Week with Mike Cotty”

For now, you can make your own: (edited following @Glen.Coutts pointing out I missed one)

  1. To Get To The Other Side
  2. G.O.A.T.
  3. Across The Mountains
  4. Getting Away With It
  5. The Way Out
  6. Full Circle

In true Cotty style, you have to do them all on the same day and at 100%… So it’s more like “a day with Mike Cotty”

What do you think @David.McQuillen.KoS? Is that worthy of a badge in SYSTM?


you can also go ahead and add on Sir Mike’s current 12 On Location rides for some extra good times :star_struck:

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Updated! :+1:


Me also. Lol

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We’ve got heaps of new On Location stuff coming over the next couple of months. And we’ll be filming a new A Week With Series in June. Most likely for an August or September release.