Bike Advise

Hi Fellow Sufferlandrians,

I’m searching for a bike upgrade and I need some advise/recommendations for a new bike.

I’m leaning towards an endurance bike with good aero capabilities, basically a solid all-rounder. Any recommendations?

I like the new Cervelo Caledonia 5 and teh Ridley Noah Aero+ or Fast. However, I’m open to other bikes provided they are under USD8,000.

Thanks and regards,

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I can only recommend the BMC Roadmachine. Solid all-rounder is basically the correct translation for “BMC Roadmachine”. It’s aero too and if you go for one of the 01 builds it will have a fully integrated stem adding to the aero features. I’m riding the 2017 model but there have been some updated versions since which should make the bike even more allroundsih.

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