Finishing Kit Ideas

So, currently this is only window shopping, but I’m thinking about upgrading bar/stem/seat post and just wanted to canvas the hive mind for some ideas on brands I may not have thought about.

It’s for my SuperSix below, first decision is stick with round bars or go aero. Originally I was going to go with aero, but now actually leaning towards keeping the classic look and staying with round.

I think if I stick with round I’d want something reasonably light weight, although at 90kg and with a 1400w sprint I won’t be looking to go too light as I don’t want them faking apart on me :slight_smile:

Ideally I’d want all three parts from the same brand so I’d be looking for a 27.2mm seat post. But that’s not essential as often the seat post seems to be the hardest thing to match up these days.

Currently looking at everything from Chinese to Enve (like I said, window shopping) so currently not setting a budget. Just looking for inspiration. I generally prefer stealthy, simple/no graphics etc and it’ll need a solution for out front mount which is ideally integrated into the stem/faceplate.

So, go… :slight_smile:


It’s already such a nice ride. Really dig the color!

I have no recommendations. My experience in tinkering with bikes is very limited.

Looking forward to some of the other replies and, of course, the finished kit.


I was so lucky that the funds for the bike came together when they did as it was just as this model year/colour way was released.

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Let me start throwing some ideas around. Juuust to get the ball rolling.
Caveat: I don’t know what I’m talking about, but you already know that. :wink:

How about going with:

How would it look like?

My trusted bikefitter runs a Specialized store - it’s possible I’m a bit biased by now. When I looked at some of the offerings the Aerofly Handlebar really caught my eye. Nice piece of equipment.


The Aerofly II was one on my list but unfortunately it’s currently a Mish mash as it’s now been rebranded Roval but the stems are all still Specialized S-Works.

If they rebrand the stems then it will go back on the list :slight_smile:

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@aerobrain MY GOD MAN…you’re a freight train. Ever think about rugby? Plenty of sides could use a good forward. :wink:


Afraid I’m like @Pierre on tinkering w. the bike. I find more weight/speed benefit in tinkering with myself - My bike is already better than I am.

Maybe a dumb question, but what do you think of your SuperSix? My rides, while I love them dearly, are ummm…“legacy”, and I’m hoping/dreaming of upgrading when the $$$ allows. I’ve always loved Cannondale for their MTB’s, but I don’t know much about their road bikes. My main issue is TT length and my little T-Rex arms.

Also :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: the color!

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Beautiful ride!!!..lose the seat bag.

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@ronburgundy :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I love it! But mine’s at least two iterations old now and in particular the last update was quite a big overhaul so couldn’t really say what the latest ones are like.

Main problem with mine is there clearance. When I bought the wheels in the picture they were considered wide, but nowadays they’d probably actually be narrow (17mm internal) and on those rims even 23mm tyres are tight! They blow up to 25mm so it’s fine, but they are right on the clearance limit.

I also really want discs as stopping in the wet is a bit of a lottery! But I probably shouldn’t risk starting a disc/rim debate :rofl:

But the frame is really comfortable to ride and it’s always felt pretty stiff in the right places.

No chance! If my tools aren’t in that bag if never remember them on a ride :slight_smile:


Silca Essentials Case or a Sticky Pod ( Google It) in your jersey pocket. Your ‘feathery’ whip will thank you and you leave it in your helmet for the next ride.

I have a couple of helmets and they get hung up out the way. No way I’d ever ditch the saddle bag to be honest.


When I don’t need two bottles, I use a case that fits in my second holder. When I need two bottles, I switch to a saddle bag.


Just to clarify, I’m asking for ideas on bars/stems/seat posts :slight_smile: I’m quite happy with my saddle bag :slight_smile:


…My Bad :wink:

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:rofl: :rofl:

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Love it!!! I’m going to lay low for a while…

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I’ve upgraded to a Prime Primavera aero handlebar. It’s basically a rebranded Controltec Cougar. I’m 10 Kg havier than you and can do similar sprints without any flex in the bar. Really love the ergonomics. For stem an seat post also look at Fizik and Ritchey.


Cheers, Prime is actually one I was looking at so handy knowing they’re stuff enough!

They also do a stem and out front mount as well so that could be those boxes ticked :slight_smile: