Bike fit in a pandemic?

Does anyone have advice for getting a bike fit when local shops aren’t doing them due to the pandemic? I am a triathlete who has been on the injury yo-yo with mild posterior tibialis, achilles tendinosis, and recently, IT band pain at the insertion point all on my right leg for a few years now, despite rest and physical therapy stints for acute flareups. Since the last flare-up, I have rested several months (drove me crazy), done physical therapy, gotten orthotics in my off-bike shoes, and then come back to rehab exercises + cycling with yoga and strength conditioning, while cutting out running (and swimming due to lack of facilities). Unfortunately, the injuries are persisting, so it seems like there is an issue on the bike. I had my bike fit when I got it in 2013, and the fit was really thorough (I think it was the Specialized fitting algorithm) and felt great for several years with no injuries. But maybe bodies change over time? Or maybe I installed my cleats on new shoes incorrectly sometime in the past 7 years? While the entire chain of injuries on my right side makes me think there is a strength imbalance issue, the persistence of the injuries despite concerted efforts to build hip/glute/core strength makes me think maybe there is something not quite right about my bike fit. Understandably, local fitters aren’t doing fits right now because of the pandemic, so I’m wondering if anyone out there has a recommendation for getting a good quality, socially distanced fit, maybe by video. I’m a little dubious that I can get a camera setup that would eliminate parallax error that would lead to misguided fitting, but I’m also getting desperate! Any pointers and/or advice appreciated.


I found this DIY fitting guide very practical and well written. Well worth the trivial cost and much better than any of the free guides I’ve read. It will also serve to power up your BS filter when looking for a local bike fitter!

Note I have no affiliation to the above, I just found it useful as a customer. The guy who wrote the ebook happens to be local to me and I intend to use him for a full custom fit once the pandemic allows. But I think you can go a long way by yourself using the guide and it should highlight any really obvious issues or anomalies in your current position.


Thanks @Peteski! I’ll check it out…I always like to power up my BS filter!

Yeah and you most definitely need to when it comes to the jungle of bike fitting! Enjoy :wink:

There’s ipad app, bike fast fit.

If you watch bikefit tuesdays on Francis cade channel, normally most issues on one side is high saddle, so you lean over… but without seeing you on bike, one cannot really tell.

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Thanks for the pointer, @karman! That app looks like it would help me get the right camera angles to take a look at myself and maybe start troubleshooting. Agree that it’s super hard to tell what might be off based on history/symptoms alone, but this could help me get data on myself.

I highly recommend Edinburgh Bike Fitting online service! I was fortunate enough to get fitted in their shop but their onlin service look great also.

App looks pretty cool. Will try it out when I get some time.

I’m always a bit wary of going too high on the saddle. I think there’s a lot more margin of error for going too low vs too high, so I tend to be conservative to be on the safe side. But luckily my body doesn’t seem to be overly fussy about position.

Thanks, @StrongerFasterOlder! I’ll take a look at that. I suppose one advantage of doing things online is that I can take advantage of shops from across the pond!

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@Peteski, I am envious of the non-fussiness. I think I am just getting old and creaky!

@latimerlabrat it doesn’t have to be a remote service. I had an in person bike sizing today with a very good guy that I found through the IBFI website

@genolan, Thanks for that info! It’s helpful to have that directory!

Haha, or maybe you are just pushing the limits more! I’m pretty old and creaky myself and I seem to run out of steam before I get injured, lol.

I wont be using another bike shop again, guys in the shops are great and really know what they’re doing.

Good luck

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If you are in North Carolina go see Todd Hunter in Raleigh. Hunter Bike Fitting 919-332-3830

Thanks, @SamTrumpII! Love everyone’s loyalty to their LBS. I hope one day to make it down to Raleigh— I hear it’s a great city!

Thanks, @Kaltech_NJ, that’s a great resource to know about!

If you can find a cert good biomechanist or physio, they can assess what your requirements are by asking you to complete various flexibility tests, limb measurements, and other factors and potentially sort out a fit on your bike that is most suitable for your individual needs. Hope that helps