Bike fitting app

I would love to get your thoughts on bike fitting app such as My Velo Fit App.
Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.


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I’ve had very limited success with them. To get fit properly I needed a bigger bike and shorter cranks. An app can’t help much if the bike’s size is off.

It did help me find a saddle height that was reasonable, but my flexion at TDC was too tight and my reach to the handlebars wasn’t long enough. It felt like I needed to raise my saddle, but then I was too high at BDC where nothing in between felt right either.

My LBS gave me a bike fit when purchasing a new bike last year (Jan 2, 2020) and they got me the right frame size, but they didn’t have one on sale with a shorter crank. It felt so much better than my old bike that I happily took the bike as-is, with 170mm cranks.

But I was still too flexed at TDC so I bought some 160mm cranks this spring and finally feel right on the bike. This site has a good discussion on how to determine a reasonable crank arm length. Keep in mind that these are not iron-clad but suggestions.

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