Bluetooth issues

I am running SystmX on my laptop, with Ant+ connected via a cable close to my Tacx Neo
My problem is that although i can feel the effort change quickly in line with the screen, my displayed watts take a while to change.
I asked the minions and they have suggested bluetooth connectivity.
Apart from having a bluetooth speaker, the area (my garage) is pretty clear of electrics
Any suggestions to get me to work harder.
Thanks, Duncan

I’m not 100% sure what you are asking her @DuncanF. Are you saying you can’t run bluetooth on your laptop or that you are having a problem connecting the Tacx Neo via Bluetooth?

You may need a Bluetooth dongle (as some PC’s BTLE is weak and needs the dongle to boost it).

Edit: I’ll add that I was using Ant+ and find the bluetooth connection for workouts is significantly faster both in making the change to the power required and in releasing it.


I hadn’t thought of a bluetooth dongle, would i just connect it to the USB? And would i leave the Ant+ dongle in too
Thanks for your help

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If you connect via Bluetooth, you won’t need your Ant+ unless you have other sensors that are Ant+ only.

Edit: and yep, USB plug. They’re pretty cheap as I understand it. I use a MacBook which has rock solid Bluetooth built in so I don’t need a Bluetooth dongle to connect SYSTM to my Kickr ‘18.

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Adding a HRM with ANT+ solved my Tacx Neo Bluetooth connection problem.
I have no idea why.


BT dongle can definitely help. And yes, moving cadence or HR sensors to Ant+ while using your trainer on BT can often help sort out connection and interference problems if you have too many BT devices connected.

In my particular case, the Tacx trainer was the only Bluetooth device connected to SYSTM.

Has anyone ever experienced an issue where their heart rate monitor won’t reconnect to SYSTM after ending a workout and starting a new one?

I have a Polar H10, which supports dual Bluetooth connections, and I connect it to both SYSTM and my bike computer during workouts.

Whenever I end a workout and start a new one, however (such as switching to a cooldown or if I need to restart a workout), it stays connected to my bike computer but won’t reconnect to SYSTM (but power/cadence do reconnect over Bluetooth).

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Something similar occurs with SYSTM and my h10 - if I walk out of range to use the bathroom, often it will reconnect, but show and record heart rates of 0. On the rare occasions it is an issue, I just throw on my old HR monitor and connect to that.

I assumed it was GvA penalizing me for not making my bladder suffer…

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@Namaku, @CraigM I have had similar problems with both Bluetooth and ANT+ HR straps. I solved my problem by using ANT+ with a wristwatch HR monitor.

Same here, H10 won’t reconnect to a second SYSTM workout or if i go out of range. I’ve pretty much given up on it. My Tickr is useless, and now Polar not much better :unamused:

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For those unable to reconnect for a second workout or when walking out of range and losing the connection, does toggling Bluetooth off on the device you are using as well as ALL other devices, then toggling it back on for the device you are using change anything? I ask because that has worked for me, at least I am pretty sure it has :older_man: and, once reconnected, I can toggle bluetooth back on for the other devices as well.

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