Use Bluetooth or Ant+

What is recommended to use with the kicker v5, Bluetooth or Ant+?

I have noticed that there is sometimes a lag when the power changes and it can tak3 10 seconds for a change to happen in erg mode.

I am using a PC,and I have a Bluetooth and ant+ USB dongles.

Edit: I need to use my phone with the kicker to see if it still happens on my phone

I also had the same issue with an ANT+ dongle and a tacx neo trainer.
No problem instead with bluetooth with integrated interface both in laptop and in mobile.
Virtually instantaneous power changes.

Did’t try with ANT+ and mobile.

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I used to use ant + and experienced the same delayed changes as you mention. Then I got a new laptop with Bluetooth and since I have been using Bluetooth it hasn’t missed a beat, it has been faultless.

Again as @Gallonero this was using a Tacx Neo 2 trainer.

I think on the mobile version of the app you can only connect via Bluetooth.

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Ok cool, hoping the issues is with my laptop and not turbo

I have used both with a Kickr Core. I found Ant+ could lag a tiny bit in some power changes, but BT has been solid with quick power changes.


I will plug outthe ant+ tomorrow and see if it is any better

i’ve tried both ant+ with a laptop and bluetooth with an ipad over the years. i found a lag of about 5sec with ant+ and 2/3s for bt. i’d probably have a preference to run bt where possible

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I find Bluetooth works better than ant+ on my pc.

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I use BT for my trainer because I found with ant+ that I sometimes get that 5 second lag between the power target change and my trainer’s resistance shift. I don’t have that problem with BT.

However I find my HR and Cadence get random dropouts when connected thru BT, so I connect them with ant+ which gives them a more stable connection with fewer if any dropouts.


I also experience the 5 sec lag with ANT+ but not with BT.
Is this a bug that we should expect to get fixed or is it expected behaviour with ANT+?

I would prefer ant+ as I find with BT if I pause the workout for a couple of minutes the power, cadence and HR fields freeze and there is no way to fix it other than shut down the app (and lose the part of the session that was already completed) but it doesn’t seem to happen with ANT+

I have an ongoing case with the minions but they keep wanting me to take a video and I haven’t got around to it yet.

This is an Ant+ behavior based on how often it communicates.


I’ve run both and I agree :ant: + definitely has a lag that Bluetooth doesn’t.

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Stopped using ant for the trainer and all is good now, cheers


Always used Ant+ but after reading this thread thought I’d change to BT to avoid the lags - TACX Neo 2T and Mac OSX.

Agree re less lags but the dropouts (all only a second or so with immediate reconnection) are multiple - 10 in the last 50 minute workout I did. Using BT connected earbuds - just interference?

BT headphone can cause interference. Try without them and see if that helps.

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Thanks My next step.


I gave up trying to use Bluetooth audio off the pc at the same time as running a session. Never worked that well when everything else in the cave was running!

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I’ll try it but if that is the case may have to stick with Ant+ for the trainer - most of my sessions are early morning and I’d wake my wife and daughter up if I had the music as loud as I need it to be to get through the suffering!

I use Powerbeats pro headphones connected via BT to my MBP which is also running SYSTM and it works well. HR also connected via BT.

I use a HDMI cable from my MBP to the TV because I find it much better than airplay screen mirroring to the tv via AppleTV (I didn’t have bandwidth issues with screen mirroring, but it annoys me that the video isn’t full screen via mirroring. Looks MUCH better via HDMI).

My trainer is a KICKR core with a KICKR climb.

After a bunch of iterations (ANT+ dongle with extension cord, mixing ant+ And BT for various devices, mirroring and BT from iPhone etc) I have found this setup works best and has been pretty solid.

Hopefully I haven’t just jinxed it!!

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Thanks. I’ll keep experimenting. Was happy until I read that BT produces less lag …