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Hi everyone
I don’t understand why I set 7 power zones and then exit the app. Every time I reopen the app the zones become 6

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SYSTM aka Wahoo X doesn’t allow customizing power zones atm.

You won’t be alone here but I think there’s a LOT of confusion out there concerning this forum, which is essentially for people who use SYSTM or Wahoo X (which used to also include RGT a simulator similar to indieVelo or Zwift) and those like yourself who I think are referring either to either the Wahoo App/Wahoo Fitness App (WA) or the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion App (CA).

I assume you’re referring to one of those. That said, I am unable to replicate what you’re saying myself. When I change the zones from 6 to 7 (in both the WA or CA), save my change, force quit the app, reopen and the zones are set as 7

Edit: and welcome to the forums @oberti, I’m sure you’ll find the help you need here as a lot of folks here do use those apps too.


Thanks for your help…yes I’m referring to CA but when I change the power zone number I don’t see any Save button or other option to save the change.

Anywa thanks for your help

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Yep. In the WA there is, but not in the CA. For me, it just keeps the change I make after force closing and reopening.

Are you force closing the CA?

Yes but the zone return to 6

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2 more things to try. One, are you using the most current version? Two, if you are you might wanna try deleting the app, restarting your phone ane reinstalling. That will cause you to lose your previously paired sensors though and maybe even your settings so if you don’t want to do that, then you might want to contact The Company directly. I’ve always found Wahoo’s CS to be exceptional.

Nothing…I’ll try to contact wahoo factory.
Thanks again

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Good luck. Lemmeno how you make out if you remember to check back in here :crossed_fingers:t2:


Out of curiosity what are the zones you’re using and for what purpose?

I ask bc, I started out w standard friel zones, then decided I needed more zones, but eventually decided I really wanted fewer

Coggan power cycling


I got a response from the wahoo team…
The Wahoo team knows the problem and they are working to solve it

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Excellent! Soooo glad you reached out and thanks for the update!