Wahoo app/Elemnt vs. SYSTM

After my FF the other day my cTHR changed, so my HR zones did too.

Now starting running again for my winter and noted my HR zones in the Elemnt/Wahoo app (for my Rival watch) are completely different from my SYSTM zones.

Recognizing I can modify either way to make them the same, which app HR zones should I rely on?

wouldn’t your THR zones be different for running Cap’n Sir?

Sure, but is that what the Wahoo/Elemnt maps are measuring? Because I don’t run anymore - until starting this CX plan this week. Plus those are the HR zones I use for outdoor riding as well.

Ahh. I see. I haven’t run for aaaages and I can’t wear a watch but are there setting for different profiles? eg. Indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, running etc?

Edit: “starting” a CX plan this week?! Are there races in your neck of Sufferlandria?

There are settings for different activities in app, but they all utilize a single, central power zone & HR zone. I can manually set the zones so they match SYSTM (which as you noted ia based on cTHR), or “autocalc” in the wahoo app and the zones differ.

I’m not going to waste too much grey matter on this - I just set to my SYSTM zones this AM and went for my assigned run. Seemed ok.

I just chose the 12wk CX plan for my winter indoor/outdoor season because it included some running and crazy CX drills, with some outdoor rides on the weekends. Looked like a lot of fun potential for maximum suffering.

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