Cannot find Sufferlandria


Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere. Up until very recently we had a Sufferlandria website filled with material on the great nation, the in jokes, the list of knights and dames etc. However, I have just been searching and I cannot find it on the new site. On FB I asked for a link to the Knights/Dames info and Sir Lee shared that with me, but it is just a blog post nobody will find unless they know it is there (under the new blog). I also searched for Sufferlandria on the new website and found no results. I found a single short page on the support pages, but it’s never going to explain sufficiently.

I’m very concerned that with all of this missing the entire Sufferlandria culture and tradition is now lost to people who do not already know it. Obviously this would be quite a loss to many of us, even lurkers like me. Could I be reassured that this is either an oversight or me being particularly bad at finding things? I do understand that you would all have been enormously busy up until release date and you might still be moving over the old content.

Thank you!



Yes, it would be nice to still have it.
For those who know what they are missing luckily there is a way back machine for the internet. In this case 19. June 2021. Those who don’t know Sufferlandria that well can read it up here although some parts are missing:

It’s also still in the google cache although the preview is already the new page. You can find the missing pieces here but not as comfortably as in the way back machiene. For example:


I was looking for this too. Thanks for the cache link. Looks like Sufferlandria culture is being erased . I hope Wahoo can find a way to reinstate the page.

We’re working on getting a home for those pages at Wahoo website. Stay tuned!


Why not let Sufferlandria (the nation, culture etc) live on its own domain? Nothing against Wahoo but…