Reports that Cavendish has (finally) signed with a WT squad to continue his career…

I’m sure he’s a great guy, and I wish him all the best for the new season, but does it make me a bad person that I’d just as soon he not break Eddy Merckx’s TdF record?



Records are made to be broken. In this case it’s most stage wins but here it’s apples and oranges. Different era and different type of rider and stages.



simple math. :wink:

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I don’t mind either way whether he’ll be breaking any records. I’m hoping for some exciting races.

How is Astana’s sprint train? Will they be able to support Mark?

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Cavendish setting a new TDF stages won record won’t change the math much.


This has been the worst kept secret for over a month. Glad Astana finally made it public. Glad Cavendish finally has a home. Whether he breaks the record or not it would have been ridiculous for him to not have been able to even try. He’s in great shape. He’s the British national champion. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be racing this season.

The whole MC vs EM Tour Stages record reminds me of the whole Roger Maris v Babe Ruth MLB home run record. So many “fans” didn’t want some “random”, “good” baseball player having a couple amazing seasons to beat the record of one of the original greats who was hitting 50 and 60 home runs a season when the second best was hitting 20. They felt that a superstar like Mickey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio deserved to break the record, not Maris.

But fans don’t get to choose who breaks records. And records are made to be broken. And we all know the multitude of asterisks that people will put on the record if Cavendish breaks it. Yeah, Cavendish will do it in a different way than Eddy Merkcx did. Because cycling is different than it was when Merckx was riding. Cavendish is still one of the best sprinters of all time.

I always hate when an athlete’s stellar career gets cut short because of an injury or not being offered a contract when they seem in better form than many who have one. I’m glad he at least gets to attempt to break the record. That’s still no guarantee he’ll actually break it. But it will be fun watching him try. He at least deserves that much.


Maybe Cav now has a team that will be behind his efforts. Yes, Mercx won his title on a variety of stages, but even he has welcomed removing the mantle of being the G.O.A.T. He knew someone would come along and take the title. Cav has been relegated for the last few years. Even QuickStep didn’t want him to race TdF but Benett left them no choice. If not for that, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.


While I love Merckx and understand the sentiment, I’m still fine with Cav getting the stage wins. Merckx is a far better all around rider (one of if not the best of all time), but Cav is the best sprinter.

Not very good, but rumor is that they are also signing Cees Bol as a lead-out man for Cav, and they have been spotted training together.


I know, I know Sir @emacdoug. I TOLD YOU I’M A BAD PERSON! :grimacing:

Yeah, I agree with all of this. He certainly deserves to go out on his own terms. And he seems like a decent guy and a lot of laughs.

(he’s still no Eddie Merckx :wink:)




I knew this would be your response. Mercx has great respect for Cav and admits that he would not want anyone else to take it while he is alive.



next to Sir @aerobrain, maybe :wink:


Why Sir @Glen.Coutts thank you for giving me an excuse to wheel this out again :rofl:

Me showing Cav what a Knight can do!


It’s one of my favourite things Sir. Bring it out anytime you feel like it! Cav shmav!!

Who’s the best sprinter of ALL TIME?! Sir Lee that’s who!!




Cav is a phenomenal bike racer. He’s won plenty of sprints without a full lead out by following the right wheel at the right time. He just needs the opportunity to do it again. I hope he does break Mercx record, but I don’t think that will ever take anything away from Mercx, but just help to show what a great racer Cav is.


Exactly this. They’re both legends. Different kinds, at (sort of) different things, from different eras. Watching Wiggo in yellow leading out Cav in the rainbow jersey to win on the Champs is still one of my favourite moments ever.


Everyone has to do Violator in celebration.


Awesome Sir Lee…