Clicking/creaking SPD pedals

I’ve got a pair of Shimano SPD MTB pedals on my Stages Bike SB20 for indoor training. I bought it all at the same time, about 10 months ago.

The right-hand pedal started clicking a few months ago. It seems to happen after the pedal has “warmed up” a bit and only when my shoes are clipped in. It doesn’t happen if I switch to normal shoes and initially it only happened with one side of the pedal.

Since it was kind of annoying I marked that side of the pedal and used the other side. Now that’s started clicking too, although that side starts clicky and gets better once it warms up. It also makes more of a creaking than clicking noise.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Any suggestions where to start with working out what to oil/adjust?

The pedals are clean and I can’t see any signs of anything stuck in the mechanism.

How old are the cleats?
I had this with a set a while back and tried all sorts, couldn’t figure it out.
Bought a second set of shoes and so installed new cleats on those, they didn’t make any noise suddenly. Replaced the cleats on the old shoes and, well, magic…
Might be worth checking.


+1 on the cleats! I noticed that clicking on an old pair of mine and when I looked closer I could see that they had worn down and I started to get the click. Popped new cleats in and presto it was gone (they also clipped in way nicer)

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Of course! The cleats are the oldest part of the whole setup. I’ll order some new ones and see if that fixes the noises.

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Also just check tightening on the cleats and if they’re clean. I had some creaking also on my look cleats and checking tightening , cleaning and a tiny drop of oil then wiped away from contact areas to pedal and noise went away! Alos check tightening screw of retention in the pedal.

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The cleats are over five years old and a bit worn around the edges (but clean, they’ve never been used outdoors). So I won’t be too annoyed about replacing them.

I’ll check the pedal retention tightening as well though.

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I wish I could mark more than one reply as the “solution”.

After replacing the cleats most of the noise was gone but there was still the occasional click at high cadence. The pedal retention tightening seemed good.

I sprayed some silicone oil on the contact areas of the pedals and now there’s no more clicking.

So thanks to everyone for the advice.