CLOSED: NEW AUCTION to benefit DPF: SUF casual shirts

AUCTION SUF Casual Wear (gently used and hardly worn)

Current bid status:

  1. Black Polo: $45 USD bidding now closed
  2. White T: $30 USD biding now closed
  3. Grey SUF: $35 USD bidding now closed
  4. Black Large COA: $60 USD bidding now closed
  5. Black THESUFFERFEST: $35 bidding now closed

Winning bidder(s) to contribute to my DPF fundraising page


  1. Winning bid(s) to be paid to my DPF Fundraising page The Wahooligan Tour: Glen Coutts - Davis Phinney Foundation
  2. Winner(s) to reimburse actual shipping cost(s) via e-transfer upon receipt of item(s).
  3. Starting bid on each item is $25 USD.
  4. Bidding on item(s) will close at the discretion of the auctioneer, that’s me :slight_smile:

Bidding starts now!

Wondering what to wear when not crushing the dreams of the vanquished? Do you know what you’ll be wearing on opening night of the 2023 Chamois Dance Festival (following Stage 7B of the Wahoolimabob Tour)?

Well…wonder no more my Sufferlandrian friends. I bring you the answer in the form of 5 tops you can throw over your bibs.

The yoga mat, not for sale, is 26 inches wide to help with size perspective.

  1. Bidding for this item is now closed. Dress it up with this incomparable Honour Range Polo in either black or a really dark navy blue (I honestly can’t tell). Men’s large.
    Details: SUF Coat of Arms on inner aspect under the collar and SUF lettering on the back in case your badassedness isn’t immediately recognized from a distance.

  • Final bid $45 USD CLOSED
  1. Keep it simple with this classy classic plain white T. Another entry from the Honour Range. Men’s large
    Details: with the full COA on the inner aspect under the collar, red, white and black ribbons on the inner aspect of the collar, and a subtle red, white and black flag on the sleeve. SUF lettering on the rear. You know you’re a badass, might as well let the rest of the world know too.

  • Final bid $30 USD CLOSED
  1. Bidding on this item is now closed. Sport a comfy pre or post-race T in grey emblazoned with the classic SUF oval in a washed-out style. Men’s large
    Details: red and white bands on the arm and bold SUF lettering on the rear.

  • Final bid $35 USD CLOSED
  1. Bidding on this item is now closed. Nothing subtle here with an in-your-face original Sufferlandrian COA on a plain black T. Men’s X-large.
    Details: Finer details include red and white stitching around the hem of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt, red, white and black flag emblem on outer aspect of one sleeve, a reminder of why we do what we do just under the collar in the rear “FOR THE HONOUR AND GLORY OF A NATION”, and IWBMATTKYT on the bottom rear right.

  • FINAL bid $60 USD CLOSED
  1. Bidding for this item is now closed. Get right to the point in the high contrast white-on-black bleeding eyes logo T. Men’s X-large.
    Details: No fancy lettering, no emblems or fine detail. Just a straightforward nod to the no-holds barred suffering that started it all.

  • FINAL bid $35 USD CLOSED

Although I’m amused and admire your efforts raising funds for DPF, I am slightly concerned. As I watch you divest yourself of so many cherished items I worry about your finish line. If I see a vintage Peugeot go up for auction, I will hire a dog sled team to mush up to Winnipeg for an interference!


No worries. I’ve, erm, “outgrown” these items for quite some time, hence why they haven’t been worn :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got some stuff I will NEVER part with like the hoodie, a long sleeve SUF logo shirt, and an honour range zipped jacket.


Yeah I couldn’t ever part with my hoodie


I do have this jersey from a trip to Billy Bilsland Cycles in Glasgow a few years back, though mine is black,


Good to know. Stick around…someone has to keep corporate in line!

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Maybe this is all a covert operation and The Company has already hired me :thinking:

Remember the wahoominati are ALWAYS watching. #twaaw

Xoom Xoom!


Please consider my bids:
Item 1 - Black Polo: $30
Item 3 - Grey Tee: $35
Item 4 - Black Tee: $30


I’ve updated the post with your current bids Sir. Thanks for your interest. :pray:

Edit: Sir @Francois-Wahoo, Sir @Medina81 has upped the bid on the Polo to $35 and Sir @DAZZA has upped the large COA to $60

I wish I had the hoodie. If i had one I wouldn’t part with it, either.

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I’ve been asked for this a couple of times and my response is always the same


Then I imagine John Oliver actually wearing it and that ALWAYS makes me smile!


Put me down for $35 for the Black Polo

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Sir Ruben bid $35 on the Polo already Sir.

Can you please put me down for $35 for item 5?

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Indeed. Thanks for your interest and support!!

Oops. Can you guess I’m a Minion and find numbers challenging ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Put me down for $45 for the Black Polo (item 1).

Will you keep this auction running until the end of Tour of Watchathingamajiggie?


:joy::joy:. I’ve got you down for $45. I plan to keep the items up as long as biding is active. I’ll give folks a tag or message if they’re outbid and if I don’t hear back in a day or 2 I’d close it out to the highest bidder.

Edit: so Sir Ruben says the Polo will look good on you Sir and is no longer bidding. I’m gonna close out the bidding on the Honour Polo and award it to you Sir @Francois-Wahoo. I’m also gonna close out the bidding on the black T with the Large COA.

I’ve decided to close out the bidding on this item @Catie so I’m awarding this one to you! Upon confirmation of the donation to my DPF fundraising page I’ll DM you with a request for shipping instructions/details.


I am now closing out the bidding on item #3, grey T with the SUF oval.

Items #1 and #3 are being awarded to Sir @Francois-Wahoo. Woot woot!

I’ll DM you Sir, with a request for more info.


Hey Sir @Francois-Wahoo, you need to look up from your stem. I sent you a DM :slight_smile: