SUF Ovals while supplies last!

Edited: I’m down to my last one and it’s YOURS for a mere $10 donation to my DPF 2024 fundraising page for the Wahoolimabob Tour.

Once this is gone, if there is still some interest, I might know a Knight (by the FB Name of Dame Kis Kertez) who can send one or two your way.

DM or respond here that you’ve donated and that your donation is for the Oval.


:raising_hand_man: Grateful Sir Glen!

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I responded via DM @Tiago_Branco. You’ll need to check your inbox.

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Donated $20! If I can get 2 ovals great, if i can only get 1 that is great too!


Hey Sir @rrutis, thanks for the donation!! DM me your mailing address details so I can send you the 2 ovals.

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still waiting for your address deets Sir @rrutis. Send me a private message and I’ll get them out quicker than a Couchlandrian on a donut!

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