Cycling Hero of the Day

Dr. Anna Kiesenhofer. Math teacher. Gold medalist.

:clap:t2: :clap:t4: :clap:t6:


Amateur and self-coached. Absolutely remarkable! Don’t see that often.

As was Tom Pidcock’s solo win today. The cross-discipline talent. 21!

And Richard Carapaz - didn’t see that one coming. Again so well deserved from one of the world’s top riders but the strength and versatility of Wout - being one of the favourites, being marked and no-one prepared to work with you, can really cost you at at times. (With no disrespect to the winner.)

Some exciting racing.


A great result there in the women’s race.

I was watching Tom Pidcocks victory this morning while on the trainer before work. Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing the same but cheering on Evie Richards in the women’s MTB race.

My God the Dutch are having a rough go of it this Olympics. van Der Poel’s “I didn’t know they were removing the ramps” bit is nuts! (Especially since his coach said they talked about it 5-6 times!)

She was so far in front that van Vleuten thought she had won the gold medal.