Deep thoughts at Gorges de la Nesque

Had to share this wonderful article over at CyclingTips which certainly resonated with me on how the bike (even an indoor one) is a tool to being a better person.

The healing power of a simple bike ride

It also has to be pointed out that the author, José Been, can be heard on the intro/outros of ProRide videos, and the location can be visited thanks to the fabulous Mike Cotty.


Thanks for sharing this. It’s a really lovely piece, and yes, a lot of it resonated with me too.

Love this:
“You have to deal with the circumstances that you are in right now: rain, headwinds, hills, or tricky descents. You have to deal with that moment and not with what is 20-30 km ahead of you…”
A good metaphor for life.


I think this article is important for another reason. The author does mention it, but I am going to put it a different way.

Very often here we focus on plans, workouts, eating habits, strength training, yoga, etc., but we sometimes forget why we are attracted to bicycle riding in the first place.


Amen, Heretic
(yes I had to put it that way :joy:


Well said José. We all know it, although sometimes forget it. Laughter is the best medicine, but the bike,she be a very close second. Take care people.

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Lovely article - and it is a lovely ride both on SYSTM and IRL