Loved Gorge de la Nesque

I rode Provence: Gorge de la Nesque today for the first time. It had some of everything: cadence drills, sweet spot effort, and out-of-the-saddle sprints. I loved the way Mike Cotty took me through the workout. And of course, the scenery was beautiful and the local color interludes were great. This is one of my favorite workouts.

Good job, content creator people!!


You (or someone with Forum authority) should change the topic tag from “ProRides” to “On Location”.

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Done :+1:


One of my personal favorites!


On Location are my go to rides when off plan or before heading to work.

More of these are very welcome!


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Not quite a typo on my part. I guess a clicko

I agree, the workout structure is pleasant, and it’s fun to see Mike Cotty doing the “same exercise”.
For the scenery, you have to come on the real location here in France, it much more beautiful ! :star_struck:


When our little pandemic calms down, I will! Several years ago, we took a cycling holiday in Provence and loved it. My profile picture is from that trip.

We have beautiful landscapes in Virginia (US) too, but it’s always nice to be someplace different and with bigger mountains.


:musical_score:“More,More,More…How do You Like It, How do You Like It?” :notes: These On Location sessions are fantastic!! Each one seems better than the last. The scenery almost distracts one from the amazing ‘over under’ efforts @michael.cotty is hauling you through. As he pushes you over the summit it feels very real. Keep them coming!