Elemnt rival updates?

Hey! I just bought a rival watch and it has firmware version 1.1.41. Is that the latest version? I have tried to update without success.

1.48.22 is the latest version (see updates here).

How long have you had the watch? It usually updates overnight. Should see when there’s an update available at the top of the settings tab for the RIVAL in the companion app, just below where it says “connected” and the battery indicator.

Did you ever get your RIVAL to update? I just got a watch with the same version 1.1.41 and it doesn’t seem to be updating.

When I got mine a month or two ago I think I encountered the same thing. I tapped 8 times (I thinkkkk) on the version in ELEMNT which forces a firmware update and then left it. After a few hours the update appeared on the watch under System and it let me start the update there.

Thanks very much. Yes, mine updated after about an hour as well. Very relieved.

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