Rival does not sync workouts and also steps/heart rarely sync to Apple Health

I have just bought (from Wahoo) a new Rival and having loads of issues. Before I return it as not fit for purpose, can anyone answer if I have a faulty device or are they “all like that sir”.

Steps rarely sync to Apple Health and intermittently with the elemnt app.
Heart Rate same issue. Both are set to top of list for data source. There is the odd data from Elemnt so “Something” is working some times.

Also did a workout today (“Other” category) and that did not sync to elemnt app - defying the whole point of having a fitness watch.

Sleep tracking worked Sat night, but not last night!

Note this is with latest version of the elemnt app and rival watch has latest firmware update 1.54.31.

Before I return for a refund and get something better, anyone any tips to get it all working as it should?

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I don’t know that I have steps figured out, but I have it set to manually upload HR, which I do to Strava and Apple Health through the RIVAL app. Not sure that’s the way it’s supposed to work or not, but yeah - not ideal. And the app also shows that my RIVAL should be syncing to Health, but the only step data i seem to get is from my phone.

I’ve never had a problem w workouts not syncing – at least to the app, from which I can export wherever I’ve needed.

Yeah the sleep thing used to work (whether it had any value is another story) but it seems like a recent update just broke it, so I turned it off to save battery life.

But then I’m well past “return for a refund” phase, so I just soldier on and get what good I can out of it, continuing to hope for better down the road.

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