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Checking out The Knowledge podcasts got me looking at the old ones. In episode 1 when Sir @dylan.robbins asks Sir @Coach.Neal.H if he’d ever thought of going into anaesthesia free dentistry :joy:



I have done my dental work (including root canals) without anesthesia.

Maybe there could be a new SUF ride called No Anaesthetic Thanks! Nothing must dull the suffering!


Got a link Sir. @Glen.Coutts ? I have a long drive tomorrow and could use those. I only have the new ones available on the new site.

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True Sufferlandrian!

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Thank you kindly :crown:

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@Heretic On a related topic - I recommend mouth-guards for cyclists after my personal experience with a crash earlier this year and new implant. The process takes forever.

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Where did you get them?
Is there a standard type for all sports?

@Heretic My dentist took impressions and had one made. You get to pick your color.

You can also buy more generic mouth-guards at sports stores. Generally they have directions to heat in boiling water and then you bite down to form them to your teeth. My sons have gone that route for their sports activities.

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