Favorite Cycling Resources

I‘m searching the whole web for a while now and come to realize I should just ask right here: What‘s your favorite resource for cycling news and information?

I‘m pretty new to the whole sport but like to dive in deeper.

Only caveat: I‘m not interested in following other athletes, which is a bit part of most websites and magazines I encountered. I like the tec and gear, discussions about technique and science, as well as learning about the most interesting cycling spots in the world.

Ideal would be a nice website I can load up in the morning while I drink my tea and get ready to roll…

Any recommendations?

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Ray’s DC Rainmaker: https://www.dcrainmaker.com


On my phone atm so sorry for the formatting. I’ll edit this post once back home with little more info and proper url’s.

For the Dutch speaking: fiets.nl and the designated cycling threads in the GoT forum

Tariq from smartbiketrainers
The Vegan Cyclist
Global Cycling Network
GCN Tech
Trainerroad podcast
Brian Davis Races


The sailing community has two very popular online resources. One called Sailing Anarchy (Where the Status Quo Blows) and the other is a daily email and website called Scuttlebutt. I’ve wondered over the years and to my LBS folks why the cycling community doesn’t have something similar. Pretty much shrug and basically no one has the time to do that full time and keep it going. If I knew and understood basic software and more, I’d do it as a retirement thing. But there are those of you out there who are way much more higher up on the food chain than me who could really make it happen on a gold standard.

I read the cyclist.co.uk newsletter email - mostly just the headlines but sometimes the articles. I’ve not read the actual magazine since issue 1 (which I still have somewhere).

cyclingtips.com probably the only place I bother reading these days.